“That night I realized that I could never live the life I was born to live unless I was willing to lose the one I had.” – Michael Phillips

Man Who Walked Away from Everything now Shares Story in ‘Just Choose’

Press Release: Louisiana, Feb. 23, 2017 /Standard Newswire

Michael Phillips was once the owner and Chief Operating Officer of one of the fastest growing IT firms in the country. But in June of 2012, in response to what he describes as a “calling from God,” he walked away from his business and gave his truck away to a stranger in a donut store parking lot. “I thought I was happy, but it wasn’t until I went ‘all in’ that real life began,” says Michael.

Michael’s story is now climbing the Best Seller charts at Amazon, but says the book isn’t about his journey, it’s about yours. “God is calling us to move from a life of comfort to one of significance.”

“Are you confident you’re living the life you were born to live?”, asks Michael

“We have settled for less than what God has for us! It’s time we stop pursuing the American dream and pursue the dreams that God has for us instead. It is possible to know God’s unique plan for your life”.

“The book is meant to be a line in the sand. Are you going to settle for where you’ve been or are you going to live the life you were born to live?”

Reader Reviews

  • I had the opportunity to share this with my wife as well and it furthered our conversations about her opportunity to come to know Christ. I know that our Lord is using this book to make himself known and bring us closer to him....I plan on gifting this book to others as called!

  • This book is a testimony of one man's journey to find God. Through his testimony you will witness his challenges and be challenged as well. At times it's funny and other times sad, but at all times it's unapologetic and real!

  • Real! Transparent! Transformative! For anyone in our days trying to, like Michael Phillips, respond with a genuine heart to God's call for our lives as ALL IN Disciples. This book challenge me in an amazing way on my spiritual walk. Thanks Michael for allowing God to use you and speak through you. A Must Read !

  • This is a really good book. Great statements were made that made me think about what Christianity is and what it is not. This book doesn't seem to have all the answers. It's reminded me of the answers in Gods Word.

  • I believe the Holy Spirit is awakening within tbe body. This is an authentic word to believers that the Lord is on the move! Thanks Michael for sharing your heart.


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